Welcome to Mesochori village, welcome to Lefkos.

Mesochori is situated in the middle of the island and in order to get there you follow one of the most beautiful routes through a dense pinewood forest. Mesochori is an incredibly figurative town, with a lot of nice people. One of the best experiences we had on the island, was one evening in Messochori with a delicious meal, while watching one of the nicest sunset's we've seen.

One of the nicest sunset's in Karpathos is the one you will find in Lefkos.

In Messochori you'll find some taverns, and a couple of small supermarkets. There is also a great church in the town, and if you take the stairs "under the church" you will find a natural spring . There is a saying about this spring that says if a woman drink from this, then she will be married with a local man from the island.

The beautiful landscape of Panagia Vrissiani.

An amazingly beautiful landscape and a traditional settlement where cars are allowed only until the edge of the village. In the narrow alleys with the whitewashed steps, no other sound will interrupt the serenity and tranquility of the visitors but that of carefree children playing there.

Panagia Vrissiani, built on a fountain of cool, crystal clear water, and Skopi, the village square with the unique view of green gardens and the infinite blue of the Aegean Sea, are both worth a visit..

Visitors will be delighted to rest having a cup of coffee or a glass of wine at one of the village’s cafés with homely hospitality, take part in the local feasts and festivals or walk around and take pictures of the decorations at the traditional houses of Mesochori.

The area of Lefkos.

The bright green valley of Lefkos, with pine and olive trees, leads to indented shores with deep blue waters. It is rightfully considered one of the most beautiful spots of Karpathos. It is an ideal place for your summer escape.

You will certainly love hiking, exploring the archaeological sites of the area, riding a bicycle and spending the evenings by the sea eating fresh fish and drinking ouzo.

Those of you who enjoy fishing with a harpoon, welcome to paradise!